《White Lie》歌詞:byJhameel mp3歌詞

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Guess it’s been a long time I don’t even know

Guess we fell in love when we tried to take it slow

Oh I can even tell you by the way we touch

There’s a lot of things that are dangerous

And I just wanna see if I can make it on my own

All my friends are telling me I’m different from before

Well maybe I just need a little space to think

Spend some more time doing my own things

Tell me what you’re thinkin’ ‘bout I really wanna know

The last thing that I wanna do is hurt you even more

Oh you don’t need to act like everything is cool

But I don’t wanna leave you feeling like a tool

I love you very much and this is surely not a lie

Every time I make you laugh I know that I’m alive

But we’re moving everyday and I got no plan

I just need a minute to be my own man

I just wanna try taking care of my life

I’ve been working day and night to keep your heart satisfied

I love you so much and even though it seems rough

I just need to take some time to go figure out my life


The only one that ever made me smile

I don’t wanna leave you but I think I need to

I just wanna stay here for a while

I’ll remember you

The only one that ever was enough

Tell me you’re okay love I don’t wanna see us

Grow apart when we had so much fun

I’ll remember

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