《Before The Throne》歌詞:byDawn Fung mp3歌詞

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Don’t forget the stories heard when you were young

Don’t believe the words that hurt when you were done

Don’t give in to cares and worries in your heart

Don’t forsake the ones who wash your feet in tears

In the end the soldiers carrying banners will come marching home

Light a candle for the multitudes singing the victory song

Can you hear the angels in a rousing sound of voices

Can you see the elders with your prayers before the throne




別背棄 滿含熱淚忠于你的那些人們

戰士們終將舉著勝利的旗幟 回歸故鄉

唱著勝利的歌謠 點起蠟燭給蕓蕓眾人帶去光亮


看到了嗎,長老們和那些美好的祈愿 正在王座前 等著你。

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