《The Angels Were Singing》歌詞:byMatthew Perryman Jones mp3歌詞

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the angels were singing – matthew perryman jones

Talking to stone,

Listening to birds

With no more to say,

I kissed my fingers

And touched the red dirt

Wandering away

Through the moon-colored field

My heart was a weight

Of rage and sorrow

That longed to be healed

Then I started running

To feel more alive;

To wake up my senses

That slowly had died

And I wondered if angels

Were singing that night

Nothing’s the same

The colors aren’t bright

Since I kissed your face

And slowly whispered

My last goodbye

Thinking of Jesus

At Lazarus’s side

That heavenly sadness,

The shadows of light

His eyes saw the city

Where all is made right

And I heard that angels

Were singing that night

The angels were singing

As we sat and cried

Each tear was a chorus;

A sacred reprise

And I finally was grieving

That long goodbye

And I heard the angels

Singing that night


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