《Shoulda Been Simple》歌詞:by Digby Merritt Seals Marié Digby mp3歌詞

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Had every word prepared wasn’t even scared 想好分手時要說的話了,感覺輕松了

Rehearsed the scene a million times still felt nowhere 曾經努力挽回卻沒有結果

You were just down the hall not knowing at all 剛巧你在樓下

What was about to happen when i laid it on the line 將會發生什么,等我向你攤牌

’cause it’s written on my face 一切都寫在我的臉上

I know you see it in my eyes 我知道,你讀懂了我的眼神

How do you tell someone you love 你怎能對別人說愛你

What’s gonna hurt? don’t wanna hurt 傷心如是

This went on too long 我們拖了太久

I’m telling you what’s wrong 我來告訴你那里出了問題

Tried but couldn’t bring myself 我心意已定

Shoulda been simple 本該是簡簡單單的

So many times i’ve tried 努力過那么多次

The time was never right 從沒成功過

It was so complicated 太多紛繁

Shoulda been simple 本該是簡簡單單的

Shoulda been simple

Shoulda been simple

Shoulda been simple

Shoulda been simple

Let’s not point the finger this just kinda happened 就忘了今天吧

No matter how this ends today i wanna leave here as friends 明天開始我們只是普通朋友

It’s not that i don’t love you don’t feel that i don’t care 依然,我還關心著你

We were trying to fly a plane the wings were just not there 曾經也想和你一起飛翔但是,卻怎么也找不到那雙翅膀

Remember the day that we said we wouldn’t change? 記得那天我們說: 我們相愛永遠不變

But we changed 可是…

’cause nothing’s the same anymore since that day that day 某天一切都改變了

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