《Communication039s Lost》歌詞:byCocosuma mp3歌詞

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Now, now the sweat

is streaming down our bodies

A cigarette, I can’t forget the taste

Oriental journeys

The sky, the light and it should ever last

We are so tight, indecision grows fast

Saturday, saturday night

you saved me for one more kiss, oh please

Do not play this kind of fight

the die is cast but today, and tonight

Tonight it’s bright and it should ever last

No cry, alright, sure no heart attack

We are so tight, indecision grows fast

Now, now I’ve found

another way to go, to flow

I, I should have known

Love is on its own

The sky, the light but it’s a piece of past

We were so tight, dreams they do run fast

And now, the cost: communication’s lost

Communication’s lost

Communication’s lost


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