《Doused》歌詞:byDIIV mp3歌詞

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Never had you run so far but you really gotta get away you know it in the nighttime running to it

Caught a rising star but then you let it drop into the ocean now the water’s running through it

Now you’ve gone so far you really had to get away you knew it in your lifetime running to it

Acting like you’ve come so far the bed you made yourself and this house and me are all falling apart

Never thought you’d go so far but now you’re really gone and it’s been so long i never really think about it

Yeah you made a beating heart whatever now that amber light has faded and it’s yours to commit it

Act like it stops and starts a gesture here and there for me is one thing but i felt it every time you blew it

Now you’ve gone too far your urge to run away is back and we all knew


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