《Pakanajuhla》歌詞:byMoonsorrow mp3歌詞

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Veljet sek? siskot,

kokoontukaamme yhteen p?yt??n!

On meid?n malja nostettava

uudelle jumalalle.

T?hden alla syntynyt

meid?n seuraamme nyt liittyy.

H?n sy? kaikki p?yd?n antimet

ja vapahtajaksemme ilmoittautuu.

Ketk? asettivat sankarinsa juhlittaviksi

aina meid?n pyhiemme aikaan?

Ja he toistuvasti julkeavat puhua meist? h?p?isij?in?!

Juopot eiv?t ulos astu lain,

valvova is?nt? vaihtuu vain.

Sill? jok’ ikist? p?iv?? kuluvaa

seuraa loputon pime? y?.

Pian suden uneen

taas vaipua saa…

[English translation:]


Brothers and sisters,

gather around the table!

A chalice we have to raise

to a god of an unknown faith.

The one born under a star

now joins our company.

He eats all yield of the festive table

and declares himself our savior.

Who did arrange the celebration of their holy

always on the days of our feasts?

And again and again they dare speak of us as blasphemers!

Drunkards never step out of the door,

observing masters alone taking turns.

For every passing day in human life

is followed by an endless dark of night.

Into a wolf’s dream

we soon may fall again…

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