《Endless Road》歌詞:by 林俊杰 林俊杰 mp3歌詞

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林俊杰 – Endless road


專輯 – 第二天堂(內地版:江南)


The truth is tearing up

my heart

I can‘t recognize this place

The endless road without a stop sign

Can‘t even find a stranger this time

Why am I still holding back my tears

In this loneliness there‘s nothing to fear

Every chord still seems a wonder

How we could be together

Every time I ask if this

Would be the last

Why am I still talking to myself

Hoping you will have the keys to my Sell

Every song might calm the weather

But it just draws me deeper

How do I get out of this

I think I never will……

A crystal forming in the eye

Maybe this would be the last

The winding path down my face

Till I begin to taste the bitterness inside

I never will……

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