《The Project for a New American Century》歌詞:byAntiFlag mp3歌詞

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Do you believe that there’s a place in you heart

That could ever help a stranger who is down on his luch

Would you turn and walk away

Maybe a smile is all that he would want (all he would want’ oh!)

Someone is afraid

They’re feeling no hope at all

It’s the color of their skin

That’s got them hitting the wall

They say what’s the use in climbing

When the ceiling is just too tall

I believe that love is truly – oh’ truly divine

And when we give it we are truly – oh’ truly alive

It’s not hard to be a giver when you take the time

Then no one gets left behind

Love is a smile on your face’ on a summer day

It’s the beat of you heart every breath you take

It can help the flower to grow and everybody ought to know

Life is so much sweeter when we open our eyes

When we look into the person

Rather than the disguise

At the bottom of the package there might be a wonderful prize

Just imagine the things we could do (If love was in everyone’s heart)

It might snow in the desert if everyone did his part

Ought to know

What the world need now is love sweet love

It’s the only thing there’s much to little of

True love – the ultimate motivator

Stoney heart regulator – everybody ought to know

C’mon’ it’s what every soul needs

Tell me how you gonna feel? No love’ No deal

Without love’ can’t walk – can’t talk – can’t move

Can’t live – can’t give – can’t smile – for awhile

Got to have love

Betta ask somebody ’bout love. Everybody ought to know

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