《France》歌詞:byKimya Dawson mp3歌詞

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france – kimya dawson

i said, “david, put that seven-inch on

about loving bad boys and then dance with me.”

he said, “silly ass bitch, that’s my favorite song.”

he put it on and we danced around like monkeys.

and when we couldn’t move,

we played monkey ball two,

it’s a good thing to do when you’re done touring.

there’s meemee and gongon

and platforms to land on,

and in the next room we heard andre snoring.

so we took the dog for a walk in the park,

and we walked,

and we didn’t say anything.

at least that i can repeat,

cause all we did was talk shit

about people that we think are boring.

the phone rang,

it was nen,

and he was at the pop,

and he said

“hurry up! hang out with me!”

and we did cause i like the pop

and open mic,

and nen, and david is the the mc.

and we sang songs all night long,

and we danced.

we sang songs all night long

and we danced,

in france.

i like france, alita and clementine,

don’t go to shows but they’re hip to the scene.

jailbait, late for school again.

la bolduc and el boidi,

duking it out for a piece of the pie,

and i finally got mine.

the lemon-meringue kind.

me and my friend lisa b,

girls bein’ girls at the monoprix again,

shoppin’, trippin’ bourlaren

shoppin’ tripping’ bourlaren.

well, they were lost in the mist

and they didn’t have time

to see what i could see

and it hurt me.

and they were driving around with the stereo on,

and there was nothing on the air to relieve me.

we were sitting in the back,

and in the mirror i could see

that you were pointing you guns towards me.

and i knew from the start

that your heart was mine,

but you were too sick a person to marry me.

sheer wonder, baby.

sheer wonder, baby.

sheer wonder, baby.

sheer wonder, baby.

sheer wonder, baby.

sheer wonder, baby.

sheer wonder, baby.

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