《As Love Begins to Mend》歌詞:by Joanna Wang Martin Tang 王若琳 mp3歌詞

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It’s almost morning now

Should I be going

It’s so cold walking to your car

The yellow highway lights

The darkened blue sky

Oh how they fly by

Who says you’ve got to be strong

Just to keep on holding on

love’s here.my fears are gone

makes me brave enough knowing I belong

Perhaps we’re just really lonely deep inside

(I know) I felt so cold before

I was looking for someone just like me

Who wants to love again

believe impossibilities

in times of bittersweet

to shed this false pretence

As love begins to mend

the cold and silent walls

My stifled heartbeat

Oh it’s best to leave the tv on

your scent still lingers

So near yet so far

So another day begins

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