《Ain039t No Use》歌詞:by Kirkland Wyche Sarah Vaughan mp3歌詞

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There ain’t no use

In hanging ’round

No, there ain’t no use

I’m gonna put you down

There’s no room left in my heart

For you

Ain’t no use

For you to cry

Ain’t no use

This is goodbye

You done me wrong

So many times

Now I’m through

The best years of my life

You just wasted away

You caused so many tears

Now the time has come when you must pay

Ain’t no more for you say

Ain’t no more for you to say

Just take your love and go away

And it’s time

We can leave

Don’t return

Baby, it ain’t no use

If you leave, don’t return

‘Cause it just ain’t no use


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