《Donna Donna》歌詞:by Secunda Zeitlin Joan Baez mp3歌詞

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Joan Baez – Donna, Donna 多娜 多娜

On a wagon bound for market 有一輛前往市場的牛車

There’s a calf with a mournful eye 跟著一隻眼神哀悽的小牛

High above him there’s a swallow 在牠的頭上有一隻燕子

Winging swiftly through the sky 輕盈的飛過天空

How the winds are laughing 風兒都在笑著

They laugh with all they might 它們盡情的笑著

Laugh and laugh the whole day through 笑啊!笑啊!笑了一整天

And half the summer’s night 笑到仲夏的午夜

Donna Donna Donna Donna 多娜多娜多娜多娜

Donna Donna Donna Do

Donna Donna Donna Donna

Donna Donna Donna Do

“Stop complaining” said the farmer “別再抱怨了!”農夫說

“Who told you a calf to be “誰叫你是一隻牛呢?

Why don’t you have wings to fly with 誰叫你沒有一雙可以飛翔的翅膀

Like the swallow so proud and free  像燕子一樣既驕傲又自由”

Calves are easily bound and slaughtered 牛兒任人捆縛宰割

Never knowing the reason why 從來不知原因為何

But who ever treasures freedom 誰要珍惜自由之軀

Like the swallow has learned to fly 就要像燕子學會飛翔

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