《Our God’s Alive》歌詞:byAndy Cherry mp3歌詞

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Come on every one, see what he has done

He has lifted us, He has overcome

The power of the grave, and the sin that once enslaved Couldn’t hold him in the ground, couldn’t keep him down

Rise with a shout

Cry out our God’s alive

Rise holy fire

Burn bright, burn bright

Rise with a shout

Cry out for freedom

Rise church arise

Our God’s alive

Reigning on his throne, drawing ever close Giving us this hope, He’ll never let us go Death has been defeated Jesus Christ redeemer, conquered hell and freed us Forever we are saved

He alone can save

He will not forsake us

He remains forever our Savior

See him reign in power

Stronger than our failures

Always and forever our Savior

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