《Rain Down》歌詞:byB. Reith mp3歌詞

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Rain Down

From the bottom to the top back down to the bottom

These are the places I’ve been, my problems

Ain’t nothin like the next man but I still got ’em

I want to leave my lot like Lot did to Sodom

But I just can’t let go, though ever since the get go

You said so, this is detrimental, so I grab a hold of You

Let everything around me just follow suit

But please help me get these thoughts in line

‘Cause I will go crazy without peace of mind

And put me back together one peace at a time

‘Cause I’m just a branch and I need the vine

Just lookin’ for direction I don’t need a sign

You told me if I’d seek I’d find so here I am

On the verge of breakdown but so close to break-through

Fully aware that all it takes is You to just

Rain down, I can’t go on without You, I need you to

Rain down, ’cause I’m so lost without You, won’t you please just

Rain down on me, as you can see my gas tanks on E

Tires as flat as can be, while my life is passin’ me by

Like Pharcyde this is a catastrophe

Plus my soul oh so empty

Dried up, dehydrated, beat up, annihilated

Eyes all dilated still I can’t even see

The one thing I need most is right in front of me

Now I’m cravin’ a taste of that Living Water

Starvin’ for somethin’ that this world ain’t got to offer

I ought to know by now that face down at your altar

Is the place that I need to start ’cause this bleeding heart

Can only be healed by the One that made it

The One that gave His all to save it, your touch I crave it

So seek through the cracks in my pavement ’cause

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Now Is Not Forever

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