《Tech Romance》歌詞:by Bianchi Her Space Holiday mp3歌詞

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I’m sick of seeing you cry

And wasting all your time

On someone who will never care enough

To make you feel loved

To make you feel safe

I would drop my life to take his place

To show you just how good

Being touched could be

Commit these words to memory

For when you find yourself

Pinned under his demands

I am still an option that you have

So carry me around

Like a picture in your purse

Pull me out when things are at their worst

You can show up at my house

Completely unannounced

We’ll have that movie kiss we talked about

Where there are no words

Just a soft and gentle score

Our ears will ring from all the strings

We’ll let the screen go black

And watch the credits run

And see the names of every one

Who we ever met

And who we ever missed

Each one had a role in this

It’s just another film that won’t get made

I’m sick of seeing you cry

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