《Fullmoon Dweller》歌詞:byFullmoon Dweller mp3歌詞

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-A desolated world and i awake, that drowns me in my memories

Dirty beings accompany me, To the the death that channel me

Devastating Ideas

Dirty passions that emanate of my emotions

Of my rustic thoughts, gross lacking of reasoning

Somber screams flood my nights; of combined nightmares in dreams and confused realities.

My Polluted Spirit cries of rules and urban yearnings

I pay to the world that gave me coat. To be dead; my second exile

I hate my Skin!, I Hate my body!

Beats that expel my blood when devouring dying ideas –

“Pale face of fear, demon face of anxiety, time behind to a side and right, of my hand and force to damage “

-A sick sight; it swallows me, it stays in my throat

My miserable being in reflection, destructive crying towards a mirror

Fury and desperation rains in my body, That trembles before evil roars, That cries before bankrupt intents of a more pleasant future. –

A Storm that torments me, is the one that my life leaves drowned like direct payment to my existence.

Nights of sob suffering, Nights of neurotic silence “

-Gentle suicide ideas

Mournful enclosure of mine , Sweet crypt for that road –

“Traveler with naked feet

In a world of thorns

Endless are my days

I spill my soul in golden earth

Wretched dirty farce!!

Dismal salted earth

That stays in my lashes

False entities accompany me.. “

-Filmy in my sacred hell, Filmy in my sacred hell

Wilderness in my sacred habitation –

“I have seen the meat rot, I have seen more beings die

I have seen the hell in my hands

I have seen their fury in my acts “

I am the Fullmoon Dweller…

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