《A New Day 》歌詞:by Robert Sam Ock mp3歌詞

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“Come again in the morning,

A new day is here now.

And on this narrow road,

We’ll take in every sound.

And I know it won’t be long until I’m home with you.

So sing with me in harmony until the day is through.

So take my hand in yours and let’s look to eternity.”

Verse 1:

“Man I don’t like it

When I know you can see

The light fading away from my eyes

The peace is gone this apathy’s soakin’ in my heart

I feel the shame once gone

Take another start and I’m past pain

In fact the conviction’s what I miss

Will the doubt come again

Welcome death with a kiss my heart is so fickle

Changing up in every way

Taking new roads

From the good path again I stray and it kills me

‘Cause I am so blessed

But lack the humility to live out in thankfulness my pride swells up

I’m such a hypocrite

All the answers in my head

But no relevance because the disconnect from head to heart Surrounded by loved ones

But feel miles apart I cry out for rescue from this body of death

But for now in my weakness

I’ll take a slow breath (and sing).”

Verse 2″

“Many people say

There are many paths to heaven

But where I come from the flour can’t remove the leaven I know my answer to salvation is the Son of Man

I know that many don’t agree

I try to understand and to love all even if we’re enemies

And I try to spread around the world what I see and make a legacy of changing lives with good truth

And living in peace and joy as my own proof I appeal to all who listen to music sublime

It feels wrong to separate it from Someone Divine but I’ll respect the fact that you may have your own thoughts

And I’ll stand firm in what I know and what I’ve got living with no regrets, even when I seem dull

And even when my faith and passions seem to stall ‘cause my love and hope is grounded externally

So take my hand in yours and let’s look to eternity.”

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