《Playing My Game》歌詞:by PEDERSEN LENE MARLIN(MARLINL Lene Marlin mp3歌詞

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Playing My Game

歌手:Lene Marlin (琳恩瑪蓮)

專輯:Playing My Game(自由自在)

Won’t open my mouth,我不會張開嘴

You know what I’ll say,你知道我將要說什么

It hurts me that it’s gotta be this way它將變成這樣 這傷害了我

I can no longer hide我不能再逃避

God knows I’ve tried 上帝知道我已經盡力了

I held on as long as I could我盡我所能地堅持

If I could change it, I would如果我能改變它,我會

This is the way I am,這是我的方式

And this is what I do.這是我做的

I cry my tears 我哭泣

But they’re not for you但不是因為你

Playing a game 我在玩著一場游戲

I know you’ve done too我知道你也玩完了這游戲

I shouldn’t have waited, 我本不應等待

But still it’s all the same但一切仍一成不變

Cause you know,因為你知道

I’m just playing my game. 我只是在玩我的游戲

Close your ears if you don’t like the sound of my voice如果你不喜歡我的聲音 就捂住你的耳朵

You’re acting like I 你在假裝

Like I had a choice就好像我仍有機會

But to leave you behind well, 但我已決定,我要忘掉你

I’ve made up my mind.

I cry my tears 我哭泣

But they not for you 但不是因為你

Playing a game玩著一場游戲

I know you’ve done too 我知道你也玩完了這場游戲

I shouldn’t have waited, 我本不應該等待

But still it is all the same 但一切仍一成不變

Because you know,因為你知道

I’m just playing my game.我只是玩我的游戲

Don’t hold me with your eyes不要用你的目光包圍我

The light in them I cannot see,我不會看見你眼中的光亮

No need to blind me也不必遮住我的雙眼

There’s this darkness where I walk 我行走在黑暗的地方

You thought you had your future你認為你已經完全構想出了你的未來

All figured out.清清楚楚地

I cry my tears 我哭泣

But they’re not for you 但不是為了你

Playing a game 玩游戲

I know you’ve done too我知道你也玩完了這場游戲

I shouldn’t have waited, 我本不應再等

But still it is all the same 然而它仍沒有變

Cause you know, 因為你知道

I’m just playing my game,我只是玩我的游戲

I’m playing my game.我只是玩我的游戲

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