《Too Tight》歌詞:by Cooper Con Funk Shun mp3歌詞

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The magic of your smile

Lights my candle

The tenderness we share

Lets me know that you care

Something ’bout the way your

Touch moves me with gladness

Makes me happy, baby

And in the sweetest way

Chases away all the sadness


Some right, some wrong

Sweet nights, sweet songs

It’s so weak but so long

It’s too tight and too strong

Million dollar feeling

Comes all over my body

Ah, sing it to the ceiling, Lord

So we know what you’re humming

Cast your faith in my direction

Lay your sweet hand in mine

So glad I’m your selection, Lord

I think our love stands

Any test of time, oh

[Repeat chorus]

Something ’bout your loving

Something ’bout your loving

[Repeat chorus 3x to fade]

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