《Doctor Me》歌詞:by Kendall Great White mp3歌詞

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(Kendall, Lardie, Niven)

Hey, hey, momma, well my box don’t play

My strings is rusted, they’re all frayed away

Hey, hey what now, my drive is shot

I’m all tied up inside a misery knot

Ain’t no dancin’, got no tango feet

I’m jammin’ traffic down on my love street

Now I don’t know what I ought to do

I’ve lost the lock on my groove with you

So what now honey, so I’m screwed up too

But I can’t fit without my piece of you

Without your touch I won’t pull through

I burn a fever like a hoodoo stew

So doctor me, baby, down to my soul

I need love to break its stranglehold

Doctor me baby, down to my soul

I need a love to bring me out of the cold

Well there ain’t no words that I know to say

To make it better lord in any way

Sister, Sister, my need is you

This heart is hopin’ you can treat it too

See my blood’s on fire, yet I feel so cold

Oh baby touch me, make this feelin’ go

Can’t you see what you need to do

I feel better when I’m touched by you

So doctor me baby, down to my soul

Oh little baby, don’cha slip away

Your love in motion takes my pain away

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