《Wrapped in Your Arms》歌詞:byFireflight mp3歌詞

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Wrapped In Your Arm


[email protected]賴潤誠 ★

Is this the whole picture

Or is it just the start?

Is this the way you love me?

You’re capturing my heart

I used to try and walk alone

But I’ve begun to grow

And when you tell me just to rest

I’m finally letting go

I let go

And I’m here to stay

Nothing can separate us

And I know, I’m ok

You cradle me gently

Wrapped in your arms…. I’m home

[email protected]賴潤誠 ★

I’m seeing so much clearer

Looking through your eyes

I could never find a safer place

Even if I tried

All the times I’ve needed you

You’ve never left my side

I’m clinging to your every word

Don’t ever let me go

Don’t let go

[email protected]賴潤誠 ★

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