《Lugdūnon》歌詞:byEluveitie mp3歌詞

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We set forth, a retinue with steed and cart

So we roved the land stealthily

We sallied out to find new shores

As the passage led

Set sail, ye hearts into the sea of hope

The druid blessed this mount foreseen

We grudged no pains, we faced distress

Yet a glowing wick kindles fire…

Alike, a liminal place, a dormant beacon we faced

The haven foretold a fortress of ages to come

At the rise of a new dawn, woke the daughter of the sun

Wafted on black wings, vastly soaring boding skies

We followed the rites of old

As we took out the ordained new land

We held our breath as the skies got black

And a storm arose, a swarm of crows

Lo and behold! The black birds branched out

A circle wide in the riven skies

They lined the nemeton of the fulgent hill

And again, and again, and again the presage witnessed

Adiantunne ni exverti

Adiantunne ni nappisetu

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