《Lil Boy》歌詞:byRoyce Rizzy mp3歌詞

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[Produced by Big Jerm]


Private club

Members only

If you ain’t know, I bet your

Jerm this shit crazy


I got skis little boy, we blow trees little boy

That’s how you feel little boy? Shit can get real little boy

I run with Gs little boy, I bes where I bes little boy

Getting to the cheese little boy

Members only, can you read little boy?

[Verse 1]

I know why you hating little boy

I put your bitch on the tray little boy

She say she want to eat little boy

So I fed her some steak little boy

I got the Rolex cleaned little boy

You couldn’t do it in your dreams little boy

I’m throwing hundred dollar bills little boy

In the strip club, you still throwing ones little boy

Got money on my mind little boy

So I died my hair green little boy

Probably cause the team little boy

On a million dollar scheme little boy


[Verse 2]

Whole team piped little boy

Don’t believe the hype little boy

You think she in love?

But I had her on the Skype little boy

You better chill little boy

Shit is real little boy

007, bout the license to kill little boy

Huff shoes little boy

It’s fuck you little boy

So clean little boy

It’s bodean little boy


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