《One More Soul To The Call》歌詞:by山岡晃 mp3歌詞

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Enough with lies

Tell me one more time

My blood your line

Is this you inside?

Death through the living

A flame has no living heart

In the order of life

They know you there

As you saw it, your plan

A real shot in the dark

Came a little too late

It’s over

Calling the children

Conception and dying

Silence but screaming!

Damage done to the flesh

What they said in the name of the

Damage done to the heart

Is the start of the end

Damage done to my soul

I know it knows where my

Damage done to my life

Cursing loud at the chaos

You’re here you’re gone

It’s not fear I’m lost

Your God your fear

Was it worth the price?

Pray for the children

You lost along the way

Still remember the names and faces

Cold and abandoned

They cry their fate put into your hands

When it’s over they come

To haunt you

Wasted confusion

Deadly illusion

Nightmare intrusion!

One more soul to the call

For all in silence, comes

Two more souls to the call

For all and in time

Three more souls to the call

They fall unknowing that

Four more souls to the call

Won’t be all and you know it

Sacrifice wasted life

Destiny redefined

Someone chooses you

Lucky one close your eyes

Your family knows you’re here!

Calling the children

Conception and dying

Silence but screaming!

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