《Alone Again (Naturally)》歌詞:byGilbert OSullivan mp3歌詞

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In a little while from now / 到現在,才剛剛過了一會兒

If I'm not feeling any less sour / 感覺似乎已不會那樣的心碎

I promise myself to treat myself / 才說要對自己好點

And visit a nearby tower / 還要到附近那座高塔繞一圈

And climbing to the top will throw myself off / 攀到最高點的我想就此一躍而下

In an effort to make it clear to whoever / 試著向無關的人們解釋這一切

What it's like when you're shattered / 像是虛弱的你在教堂之中踩著蹣跚步履

Left standing in the lurch at a church / 那會是什么樣的畫面?

Where people saying: / 那里的在人們默語

“My God, that's tough” / 「上帝啊,你對我這樣子太過嚴厲…」

“She stood him up” / 「她已承受不了…」

“No point in us remaining” / 「我們沒有立場可以決定…」

“We may as well go home” / 「放棄吧,不如歸去…」

As I did on my own / 如同過去一直以來我所做的

Alone again, naturally / 自然而然 再次孤獨

To think that only yesterday / 回想起過去彷佛像是昨天

I was cheerful, bright and gay / 自己還是如此開心、整身的亮麗光鮮

Looking forward to who wouldn't do the role / 心里期望著曾經演出的那個角色

I was about to play / 沒有人想去扮演

But as if to knock me down / 但如果將我擊倒

Reality came around / 現實隨即會出現我的面前

And without so much as a mere touch / 這些微小的觸動看似輕微

Cut me into little pieces / 卻也能將我狠狠切成碎片

Leaving me to doubt / 留下自己去質疑

Talk about God in His mercy / 說到上帝和他的慈愛

Who if He really does exist / 我不禁想這一切是否真的存在?

Why did He desert me? / 若是存在它為何要棄我而去?

In my hour of need / 在我最需要的時刻

I truly am indeed / 知道是有多么需要它的時刻!

Alone again, naturally / 自然而然 再次孤獨

It seems to me that there are more hearts / 也許在這世上

broken in the world / 還有更多無法修復的破碎心靈

That can't be mended left unattended / 沒有辦法修補、也沒有人有所眷戀

What do we do? / 我們能做什么?

What do we do? / 我們究竟還有什么能做?

Alone again, naturally / 自然而然 再次孤獨

Looking back over the years / 回顧過去的那些日子

And whatever else that appears / 發生的一切

I remember I cried when my father died / 我記得父親去世時我哭了

Never wishing to hide the tears / 想把洶涌的淚水一次流盡

And at sixty-five years old / 六十五歲那年

My mother, God rest her soul / 上帝讓母親的靈魂得以休息

Couldn't understand / 遺憾的是她始終無法明白

Why the only man she had ever loved / 為什么她曾愛過的那唯一的男人

had been taken / 被上帝帶走了

Leaving her to start with a heart so badly broken / 她一人心碎難得的自己每日嘆息

Despite encouragement from me / 但一切都在不言中

No words were ever spoken / 但一切都在不言中

And when she passed away / 而她去世以后

I cried and cried all day / 我終日而泣

Alone again, naturally / 自然而然 再度孤獨

Alone again, naturally / 自然而然 再度孤獨

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