《NilNil Draw》歌詞:by MCCOY TRAVIS MCGINLEY MATTHEW LUMU Gym Class Heroes mp3歌詞

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I’m a lover not a fighter every night you decide start some shit

I’m sick and tired of being so sick and tired

Coming… through the door with that so and…

Why you still with me for

Going through my bone I make you feel like a… screaming

Who the f*ck is Allen when Alexander is my dude

Sometimes I think you’re doing shits because you…

You really love me really make it love now war

But you rather waste the little time we do have

No one back… are you sorry now well too bad

I can’t believe I wasted all this time

Better fighting with you I couldn’t be…

Hanging out with this watching for something


He never try to meet me half way…

I try to be the… don’t you understand

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Then I can… the true

I guess everybody…

Now you think you’re coming back to me

But that’s something that I just don’t see

I thought this was forever I thought leave you never

But you gotta keep…’cause you… in my head

Before you go is something that you should know

I took you everything I… and you’d better leave…

Don’t even thinking twisting it to make it my…

I try to tell you that you forget my…

‘Cause you aint’ blame and this…

You can say this only dance ’cause I want period

Wait no I’m not hearing it

… find the… even if I’m… call me what you want to

Whatever make you feel better I don’t want to


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