《Never Again(short ver.)》歌詞:by 菅野祐悟 青木カレン mp3歌詞

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Drowning away

from the start to the end

and you are sailing away

with nowhere else to stray

come and take my all away

so far away

from the start to the end

and everything seems so pale and blue

run away

sail away

you’re the one

to ever love and share

will you be mine

come and take me with you far away

never again

I’ll find someone else

please be mine til the end

words come along to despair

and I’m here craving for your love to save me

never again

I’ll love someone else

please be mine until the end

this is the last time that I’ll fall in love

your lips your soul your eyes

your arms your hands your heart and love are mine

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