《Downpour》歌詞:byBackstreet Boys mp3歌詞

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Artist:Backstreet Boys



I’ve been walking around inside a haze

Between the lines of reason

Hiding from the ghost of yesterday

Feels like I’m barely breathing

I, I wanna feel the rain again

I, I wanna feel the water on my skin

And let it all just wash away in a downpour

I wanna feel the rain, feel the rain

I’ve been losing days,

the shades pulled down

I still can’t face the sun

But I, I’m goin’ crazy

I can’t stay here

I’ve gone completely numb

I just wanna need someone

And I, I wanna feel the water on my skin

No, no, I thought you were the only one girl

Now I think I was wrong

‘Cause life goes on

oh,I, I wanna feel the rain again

I wanna feel the rain

I wanna feel the downpour

Feel the rain

Downpour, feel the rain

Feel the rain, oh

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