《Stay With Me Baby》歌詞:by Jerry Ragovoy George David Weiss Duffy mp3歌詞

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Where did you go

When things went wrong, baby?

Who did you run to

To find a shoulder to lay your head upon?

Baby, wasn’t I there

Didn’t I take good care of you?

No, no I can’t believe

You’re leaving me

Stay with me, baby

(Baby, please stay)

Stay with me, baby

Stay with me, baby

I can’t go on

Who did you touch

When you needed tenderness?


I gave you so much and in return I found happiness

Baby, what did I do?

Maybe, I was too good, too good to you

No, no, no I can’t believe your leaving me


My baby now stay with me

I’m begging you to stay now

I’m begging you to stay

(Begging you to stay with me, baby)

With me baby, I can’t go on

Stay with me, baby

(Stay with me, baby)

I’m begging you to

Please, don’t go now, baby

(With me baby)

I can’t go on, I can’t go on

I can’t go on, no, no, no, no

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