《Don’t Drop Dead Juliet》歌詞:by Breeze Capital Lights mp3歌詞

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On an empty stomach again

hard to eat with no appetite

Well I’ve never been one to spill my guts so, I got a lot bottled inside

Behind this face is a wasted space, wanna kiss this brain goodbye

So, I’m pretty eager to share my thoughts, let me give you a piece of my mind

There’s a jungle in my head

I admit that I’m scared, scared to commit

But if it’s love you seek, don’t give up on me just yet

Don’t drop dead, Juliet, keep a stiff upper lip

Blow a kiss so hard it awakens love in the soul of this heartbreak kid

Stand still Juliet, no one’s fairer than I

When you fell for me you swore it’d be for life

Well I’m not dead yet, Juliet

In my eyes the big picture is vague, I’m narrow sighted and colorblind

You differentiate distinctions like night and day when you see in only black and white

But there’s a hazy gray area in every situation that to me never quite stands out

So, if I tell you that we’re over and I’m acting off-color, give me the benefit of a doubt

There’s an ocean in my head

Your devotion’s in the air, I’m holding my breath

If I start to drown in my emotions, don’t abandon ship

I beg don’t bid farewell; I’ll come alive

For the long haul, wait it out; I’ll come alive

I was playing dead but now, as this numb heart learns to feel

And I break free from my shell, I come alive

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