《Urbana039s Too Dark》歌詞:by Spencer Braid mp3歌詞

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above the mirrory street

a lightning bug fires up the park

when it’s dark

eleven and i fall in

to drink to dream among the shadows

number one wasn’t that fun

under two i never knew

but we will not be submissive

we’re on a mission

we’ll finish that cup of who-knows-what

bike along the broken blossoms

pedal behind the deadwood hills

something about here and you

gives me chills

in confrontation

when you can’t see anything

you feel everything

we’re so akin to skin

when boys want in

boys will be boys

boys will be poison boys

i’ll be the camera if you’ll be the star

you be the camera when i am the star

you burn the buildings

i’ll burn the cars

turn on turn on turn on turn on

if they could only see the greed

that circles around the silence

if they could find us they’d see

if they were only listening

so when those boys want in

let’s give em some of their own medicine

i’ll be the sky if you’ll be the star

if they could only see us now

you burn the cities

i’ll burn the towns

turn on turn on turn on turn on

if they could only see the green

circles aorund your brown eyes

if they could sympathize see green

if they could only watch you sing.

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