《First Place》歌詞:byChris Garneau mp3歌詞

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歌曲:First Place

歌手:Chris Garneau

專輯:Music for Tourists

You have killed them

And you don’t know why

Your lips, they move

And they only lie

Your house is white

It’s got nice things inside

When you are through

You’d better run and hide

In awe, in awe…

This bridge came down

girls and boys

We will rid of you and of your dangerous toys

Like botherlike sun and so

On and so forth, in awe, in awe…

But we, we will win first place

And you, we’ll never tell you how

But you shoulda known by now


You have killed them

And you don’t know

You don’t know why

Keep it down

It’s no big news, you know?

You know…

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