《Liars Tears》歌詞:by McNamara Embrace mp3歌詞

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Artist: Embrace

Title: Liars Tears

Album: Drawn From Memory

Whenever you reach up to the stars

hold on to your head it won’t take long

until you can see the doubt

in the people you’ve leaned on

But angels rush in where all those fools

fear to tread afraid they’d lose

but you never lost you’re beauty

although you lost your hope

and you made no mistake

you couldn’t wash away

with liars tears

pouring down your face

Whenever we meet you say you’ve changed

like its some gift your not the same

but you’re just the cat whose landed

back on her feet again

cos you made no mistake

that can’t be washed away

with liars’ tears

pouring down your face

with liars’ tears

pouring down your face

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