《To Be Good》歌詞:byAl LewisSarah Howells mp3歌詞

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Al Lewis & ; Sarah Howells

To Be Loved

i can see your face

everywhere i look

but everywhere

is nowhere without you’

what seemed to be like days

was just a moment in time

but it meant the world to me

cuz i knew

what i’ve been

searching for all of my life

i had it right here –

in front of my eyes

and what i’ve wished for was

nothing compared

to what i received –

when you were here with me

and if you’ll never come back

and today was all that we had

and if i won’t see –

tomorrow with you

in my arms

it won’t matter because

now i know what it’s like

to be loved

you’re so far away

but i feel you so near

it’s like you never left me

never said good bye

i can hear your voice

in the crowd

i can feel you

touch me right now

i can see you smile

when i close my eyes

and i hold on to that

every night

to help me understand

when i ask myself why

of all the people out there

you chose to be with me

to share a love so rare

what a beautiful thing

to feel your love within

like a child that

sees the sunshine

on the first day of spring

just to know it’s true

there is someone like you

who can make me believe

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