《All The Man That I Need》歌詞:by Dean Pitchford Michael Gore Whitney Houston mp3歌詞

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[ti:all the man that i need]

[ar:whitney houston]

[al:世界上最動聽的歌–芊芊女人心 a]


i used to cry myself to sleep at night

but that was all before he came

i thought love had to hurt to turn out right

but now he's here

it's not the same, it's not the same


he fills me up

he gives me love

more love than i've ever seen

he's all i've got,

he's all i've got in this world

but he's all the man that i need

and in the morning when i kiss his eyes

he takes me down and rocks me slow

and in the evening when the moon is high

he holds me close and won't let go

he won't let go

editor: athenaoy ([email protected])

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