《That Year》歌詞:byBrandi Carlile mp3歌詞

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I must have been sleeping, I must have been drinking

I haven’t been dreaming about you for years

There was a sharp turn and a sunburn

I was too cool for high school that year, that year

It must have been New Year’s

No one invited you, you took things too far

But I missed you and your antics

You were lonesome and blue eyed

And so special to us

You should have taken a long break

Instead of a long drop from a high place

Ten years I never spoke your name

Now it feels good to say it, you’re my friend again

He said he forgave you, I said I hated you

He was the bigger man, I was sixteen

All the innocence it took for you

To finally make your yearbook that year

That year

You could have taken some time away

Instead of a long drop, instead of a leap of faith

Ten years I never spoke your name

Now it feels good to say that you’re my friend again

You’re my friend again

I was angry, I was a Baptist

I was a daughter, I was wrong

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