《Why You Fall》歌詞:byJenny Owen Youngs mp3歌詞

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Jenny Owen Youngs – Why You Fall Lyrics

Artist: Jenny Owen Youngs

Album: An Unwavering Band of Light

Genre: Alternative

Oh god it took a while to come right back to me

I’d give up anything if you’d just let me be

No use in shaking me just leave me in my bed

Cause mornings are the worst bit

Mornings drag me on ahead

I know I should have seen that hand behind your back

But I was busy launching my own full-scale heart attack

Yeah you sure taught me something when you took me down

Make the best of moments

Then make for higher ground

Don’t want to hear about the wind and how it blow

As far as I see love is just a hole

Just like a tidal wave you crumble and divide

With no regard for all the shreds you’ve left behind

So now what can I do but tremble in your wake

Sorting things you’ve broken

From things you’ve yet to break

Don’t want to hear about some fate we can’t control

As far as I see love is just a hole

That’s why you fall

Armed with demons plenty and pleasures oh so few

Left to my devices can’t say what I might do

Well you turned me around

But that’s all over now

Love is just a hole

Love is just a hole

That’s why you fall

Love is just a hole

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