《So Much More》歌詞:byAlly Kerr mp3歌詞

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Another cold London night

I wrap this head around my shoulders, tight

Plase excuse me, seems there’s someone at my door

I wouldn’t leave, but the need is so much more

So much more

Another cold London night

And I’m always walking down the escalator the up way

Please excuse me, I can’t seem to get inside

I only wanted to know if you’re alive

You’re alive… you’re alive… you’re alive

I got a feeling in me

There’s a feeling in me

And I don’t know what it is

Don’t know what it means

It’s a long journey into light

It always seems the furtherest when the end’s in sight

Please excuse me, I just need to be outside

Only looking for air to breathe

Air to breathe

I feel alive

(I feel so alive, it’s cold tonight

I don’t know how to live


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