《Flava in Ya Ear》歌詞:by Mack Craig Mack mp3歌詞

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Yo Mack, I don’t even understand how they didn’t understand you in that Mary joint

(Yeah, I know, man)

Kick that old robotic, futuristic, George Jetson, crazy joint!

[Verse One]:

Just like Uniblab, robotic kicking flab

My flavor be the badder chitter-chatter, madder than the Mad Hatter

I bet you my spit come out fatter

I got the data to turn your body into anti-matter

And just like a piece of Sizzlean

You’ll fit inside my stomach with the eggs and grits between

The king is what I mean, I mean

My man get a cup and put some change inside your hand

Now hold up, let’s make this official

Everybody let’s agree that MCs need a tissue

The funk’s my only issue

I bet your mama miss you and I bet the Mack take off like an MX missile

No more of your whining on the charts climbing

As I make the funk kicking out more harder than a diamond

And if you didn’t know who’s rhyming

I guess I’m gonna say Craig Mack with perfect timing

You won’t be around next year

My rap’s too severe, kicking mad flava in ya ear


Here comes the brand new flava in ya ear

Time for new flava in ya ear

I’m kicking new flava in ya ear

Mack’s the brand new flava in ya ear

[Verse Two]:

Craig Mack, 1000 degrees

You’ll be on your knees

And you’ll be burning, begging please

Brother freeze! This man’s undisputed

In deep rooted funk smoke that leaves your brains booted

This bad MC with stamina like Bruce Jenner

The winner, tasting MCs for dinner

You’re crazy like that glue

To think that you could outdo my one-two

That’s sick like the flu

Boy, I flip, boy, all the time

Cause boy, the rhyme you’re kicking ain’t worth a dime

Seems like there’s no competition in this rap world expedition

You come around I’ll knock you out position

No flav could ever dig a grave

For the Mack the power pack in black making cement crack

And here comes the brand new flava in ya ear

Mack’s the brand new flava in ya ear

[Hook x2]

[Verse Three]:

Ha! The Mack’s dope with more hope than your Pope

But for MCs more knots than rope

I’d like to break it down, down-breaking forsaken

Lords of MCs shaking with this track that my man’s making

Emcees’ll run like a bomb threat

I bet, or better yet, make you sweat

Getting hotter than the sun get

Craig Mack is the flav that rocks from here to Tibet

I break all rules with my action

That the Mack sends to MCs stop relaxing

This brand new Sherrif that’s in town

Getting down, leaving bodies buried in the ground

I set up rhymes for a decoy

Now I’m a Bad Boy watch the MCs I destroy and…

[Hook x2]

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