《Mmmmmmmmmmm》歌詞:byThe Legendary Pink Dots mp3歌詞

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Pig sucked on a cigarette

And mucked the stable. Draped a cable

’round the farmers neck and pulled

And called the vet who galloped ’round.

Pronounced him dead. They laid the table.

Turned the spit and baby kitten chewed a finger,

Lingered on a leg

And licked his paws.

It’s neat to be a carnivore!

Passed the plate with farmer’s head on.

Sheepy shook a fist and said

He looked like John the Baptist.

Piggy did the twist said ‘Try me – I’m salami’.

Threw the garlic salt and waltzed across the floor.

They stuck their forks in.

They ate him raw.

It’s neat to be a carnivore!

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