《Bolero (12quot Version)》歌詞:byFancy mp3歌詞

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Let’s not be the ones outside

Looking at the world go by saw you standing all alone

Wasted time has gone for good

Play no more, it’s understood

Come to the twilight zone, let me feel your secret hand

Like a feather on the sand. Only made of gold

You can make me feel a king

And surrender everything. A fire can’t control

Hold me in your arms again

Strangers down a lonely lane

We can still survive, driftwood on the stream of life

Hold me in your arms again

Let me touch your velvet skin

No more lonely nights on the way of no return

Play me the bolero

See your mystery in your eyes

And the emotion in your lies

I feel the magic in your touch

‘Cause the voiting is too much