《Today Tonight Tomorrow》歌詞:byDeutschland Sucht den Superstar mp3歌詞

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Oh, I hear you crying

Love is never dying

You are in my heart, oh no

Love is like an ocean

Always just in motion

Don’t break apart, don’t go

Oh, I cannot breathe and I can’t fly

If you’re not here, just by my side

Today, tonight, tomorrow

Oh, forget your sorrows

Today, tonight, tomorrow

I’ll never let you go

Today, tonight, tomorrow

Baby, I’m your hero

Today, tonight, tomorrow

And my love will grow

Day in, day out, I miss you

I swear I’ll stay with you

Too late to say I’m sorry

I’ll make your dreams come true

I’ll love you forever

Can’t we stay together

Take me as I am, oh no

It’s an endless story

Baby, oh, don’t worry

But I’ll be your man, don’t go

Is there anything that I can do

Oh, tell me love, I do it for you

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