《Living Proof》歌詞:byBad Meets Evil mp3歌詞

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Bad Meets Evil – Living Proof

We bout to get into a tail of gunner that details the dungeon

This is the pale moon illuminates the hail and thundering

’01’s the year where I fell from blundering

Shady lifted his wing than I fell from under it

Now I’m freefallin’, my career is gone into re-callin’

Regardless of who’s fault I was speedballin’

God bubble wrapped me and dropped me on top of the Earth

Marshall doubled back and got me from on top of the Hearse

I’m alive n*gga, Justin T ain’t got nothing on me

Cause I done cried Mary J. Blige rivers

I realised that God’s with us as soon as I decided

To put that bottle down and pick up my Todd Bridges

The writing’s on the wall

Since n*ggas seen me at the baseball game with Shady and Jay-Z

Suddenly everybody calls like “I’m just checking on you dog”

While I just throw up this message on the stall..

When them bottles stop poppin’ and them dollars start stopping

Do what you did to get it and don’t stop

I made a promise to my momma, I’mma out live her

How can I be a quitter when haters don’t stop

I’m living proof n*gga, it’s pretty safe to say

God giveth and God taketh away

It’s the Worldwide American way, I’m living proof n*gga

Your body language is sayin’ your confidence is gone

Well pick ya ass up lil homie, come on

You just gone sit there and take it or make ’em suck it

Tell em where to shove it straight up

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