《Beautiful Morning》歌詞:by Berggren Berggren Berggren Ace of Base mp3歌詞

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Ace Of Base – Beautiful Morning

What a beautiful morning

The best in life is free

What a beautiful morning

Believe me

What a mystery

Though the world’s on fire

Yesterday’s hard words is still in my head

I feel no despair

No regrets or sorrows

Cause this new day

Makes me dance on air

What a golden day

What a beautiful morning in my life

The best in life is free

I give it all away

And I wonder what more is to come

And this beautiful morning changed my mind

Believe me when I say

The shadows fading out

As the day grows bright

We are turning pages

And we write new chapters of our life

Some are strong and long

Others weak with sorrows

Keep the focus on the rising sun

What a golden day

Believe me – crows will always fly

Believe me – they are only birds

You have to

You have to let go

And you will see things in a different light

What a beautiful morning

What a beautiful morning

Believe me

What a beautiful

What a beautiful morning…

Believe me

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