《Early Aubade》歌詞:byRoman Candle mp3歌詞

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I’d like to thank all of the stars just for shining out tonight

like a hundred scattered eyes in the aether.

I know that it ain’t normal thanking stars but it ain’t normal seeing stars

outshine the London streetlights either.

So make up your old bed and check the drawers for clothes

cause everything outside the world is telling us it’s time it’s to go.

I could wish against the dawn of day, sit and wish that we could stay

in this room we could wait till the tears come.

Oh but that don’t work for me and you doing things the way we do

it’d be a conch shell stuck to our eardrum.

With every passing minute as a faint heard roar

of a rolling ocean talking about some road we’d never seen before.

I’ve often wondered about a room, about these four walls standing,

keeping better folks than us from the cold rain.

Wondering if every joke that’s told, every cigarette that’s rolled,

every song sung, sinks in the wood grain.

If every whisper on the floor and every christmas carol

saturates the surface like the whiskey soaking into a barrel.

Now If I could I’d pull them down every wall by the panel

and I’d build a tree in our back garden.

Maybe we could sit beneath it naked reading Paradise Lost

while the green leaves color and harden.

But watch now how the sun is gathering in the blinds

and the time is coming quick for you and me to leave this big old room behind.

Now when the roses bloom this year and our soul’s up in our ears

with some newer music sung in a strange place.

oh and all the songs will move through us, giving music to the thrush

and every trash can alley a new face,

we’ll let them linger to their end and watch them go without grieving

cause that music as it moves, will let you understand it best when it’s leaving.

And the last thing we’ll leave is a love song for this vacant room

sunk in the walls, and trapped like the ocean enshelled – with everything else we ever exhaled.

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