《When You039re Gone (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)》歌詞:by山岡晃 mp3歌詞

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Did I wait too long?

Moments gone

They’re now wasted

Coming back to home

It feels wrong

Changes haunt me

And the pain before

Leave me lost confused, searching

Everything I own

Takes me back nowhere

Objects in my room

They might be telling me

Something soon

Still you ask me how I feel

I feel lost that’s how I feel

I know I know

There’s something I’ve forgotten

Like a time, a place

A shattered memory

For me, it’s more

Than I can seem to handle

It’s the pain my mind

Is writing on the wall

The truth, you lie

You said it can’t convince you

To give up, this place

Will never set me free

Enough, I know

I really did it this time

It’s a sign, this place

Is somewhere I should be

Taking a piece of my heart

When you’re gone

Are my eyes too blind

To find illusions find deep inside

Probing, what I’d lost to find

And what I find brings me here

That’s how it always starts

When you’re gone

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