《Snap Out Of It》歌詞:byArctic Monkeys mp3歌詞

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What’s been happening in your world?

What have you been up to?

I heard that you fell in love, or near enough

I gotta tell you the truth (yeah)


I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake baby

Snap out of it (snap out of it)

I get the feeling I left it too late but baby

Snap out of it (snap out of it)

If that watch don’t continue to swing

Or the fat lady fancies having a sing

I’ll been here

Waiting ever so patiently for you to





Forever isnt for everyone

Is forever for you?

It sounds like settling down

Or giving up

But it dont sound much like you girl



Under a spell you’re hypnotized (ooh)

Darling how could you be so blind (snap out of it) (x2)


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