《The Beginning and the End》歌詞:byThe Dreamer and the Sleeper mp3歌詞

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I’m sorting through the things I do

When you’re not here

And this list is despicable

My eyes are squares from a stagnant glare

Of lamps so bright there’s millions in hiding

Behind the LCD of my friendly television

And over there she’s without a care

Oh, how she needs to drink away her graveness

From the stress of college, and knowledge, and flawlessness

I met you there

In the Autumn air at half past five

The sun was sinking in the sky

Through old shadows and the store front glow

Do you feel like I do?

Are you talking to a stranger?

With all the weight of eyes and a love that we had left behind

I over sleep

It just gets me closer to Saturday

She’s coming back Saturday

You see I write the songs sometimes to pass all the tasteless time

The senseless kiss and love just are missing from a wallowed, hollowed boy

All the testing brings an echo

(An echo)

I’m looking for the things that I miss the most

Way on past the hills and down those country roads

Some would say I’m crazy to try and stop the world

Sing it to me like an echo

(An echo)

This place is small and damn to big for me

All alone I swear the walls they talk to me

Creak uneasily and echo

(An echo)

You’ll never find your future in the past

Keep me breathing while the years go stumbling past

Ringing through me like an echo

(An echo)

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