《The Tavern》歌詞:byWoodland Choir mp3歌詞

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We had a very rough winter that year,

The village was covered with snow,

I still remember the hard work of all men

Trying to clear the roads,

And although frozen through,

we filled the tavern with laughter and joy

At the end of the day

Drink some wine and forget your troubles

Drink more wine and leave all your tears

Cause we are here together and we will

Sing the songs of sweet memories

Laughing at the worries we carry

In the arms of maidens we marry

There’s no grief inside our hearts

But pride of what we give our sons

This world of ours, the land we tilled

And all the faith our fathers built

We tell them all the tales of our people

The truth we know: your heart is your temple

Sail along the waves of the ocean

Let the north wind set you in motion

Taste the freedom, seize the day

Don’t let it go, live it your way

So they sung, the brave ones

Simple man, but still, they were heroes to us

The passion they have put into everydays life

And their togetherness.. it led them out even from the darkest days

Some of us still remember, there is always hope for the better

As for me, it still brings peace to my heart

As the cold wind whispers the echoes of their songs in this wintry night

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